HOW DOES PRIVATE.SH WORK uses a five step process for each search to ensure that your privacy is protected using cryptology to bring you the most private search engine.

Step 1

Search query is encrypted locally on your computer

Using client side Javascript, your search term is encrypted using the Search Provider’s public key- meaning that is unable to see what you are searching and only the Search provider can decrypt it.

Step 2

Public IP is stripped away by the proxy protects your privacy and passes on just the encrypted search term to the Search Provider so no user tracking profile using browser or IP fingerprinting can be built.

Step 3

Search Provider decrypts the query and encrypts the search results

The search provider receives the encrypted search term, decrypts it, then finds the search results. The results are then encrypted with your public key so only your browser can decrypt the results.

Step 4

Encrypted results are returned through the proxy

The search results are returned to your client via the proxy so the Search Provider doesn’t communicate with you directly.

Step 5

Results are decrypted locally on your computer

The search results are decrypted by your client using JavaScript and are rendered on your device locally.

Built to be audited

Rather than relying solely on closed technologies, we've made a genuine effort to publish our code and to use well known and thoroughly tested open solutions to provide a truly private search experience.

Our website and extension is built with open source technologies and can easily be audited and improved through our open source program (coming soon!).